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Introducing "Shelterly"

A unique disaster tracking and management program to aid CARTs during disasters.  

After the devastating Camp Fire in 2018 that destroyed the small community of Paradise, CA, the North Valley Animal Disaster Group (NVADG) invested in the research and development of an electronic animal disaster tracking & management program. Trevor Skaggs, a program developer who also volunteers with both Butte County Search and Rescue and NVADG, has led the charge in the design and programming. In 2020, "Shelterly" was pilot tested at the 2020 North Complex Fire in Butte and Plumas Counties.  


"Shelterly" is an online app that is housed in the cloud. Over the past few years, NVADG and several other CARTs have been testing it during wildfire season.  NVADG continues to develop and refine the program.  Updates will be posted to this website.  

"Shelterly" Overview

Produced by the North Valley Animal Disaster Group

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